Monday, May 19, 2014

Handicap Accessibility Awareness on SUNY Purchase College

My peers and I recently made a video to bring awareness to the poor handicap accessibility on our campus.  We want to see SUNY Purchase improve the upkeep of their handicap doors, and to consider building ramps and sidewalks to improve the accessibility of certain buildings for people in wheelchairs.

Enjoy our video!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Some highlights:

Guerilla Gardening

Guerilla Gardening is basically people coming together to garden.  They usually focus on re-using unused land - sometimes privately owned- for growing vegetables or flowers.  They are not always fueled by political reasons, but sometimes it is to protesting land rights. 

 Not An Alternative, No-Space

During the day, No-Space is a collaborative office space.  People rent a locker and space on a large table to work.  During the night, the space is used for hosting free programs for the community.  The program is run by the organization Not An Alternative.

East Bay Center for the Performing Arts

The East Bay Center for the Performing Arts is located in Richmond California is a place where the community can create original art.  They produce original music, theater, dance for the community, inspired by the community and the issues they face.  The center has 2,000 students annually.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Holy Motors: Angéle and Papa

When viewing Holy Motors for the first time in class, I was asked to comment on a scene to "pick apart."  The scene that stuck out for me is the scene directly after the famous "Leprechaun Scene."  The scene "begins" with the main actor driving a shabby car, smoking, listening to american music, and looking worn and tired.  I say begins in quotation marks because it's hard -- or even impossible -- to tell when one scene ends and another begins.  The man proceeds to pick up a girl, who we find to be his daughter.  He kisses and caresses her as a loving father would, we learn her name is Angéle.  But with my earlier "discovery" of his character being an insane, creepily sexual, naked leprechaun, I was disturbed and severely uncomfortable that this young girl was in a car alone with him.  It's interesting that if I had seen that scene without the earlier one, I would have viewed the interaction of Angéle and her papa much differently.

The scene continued, and I became comfortable with this version of the main character as being "real," and thus I was no longer disturbed by his proximity to the young Angéle.  My comfort only lasted so long, however, when their argument began.  Angéle was originally going to be picked up with a friend, Sonia, but tells her father Sonia left with her mom because she was bored.  Her father observes that Sonia is usually so "easy-going."  The truth comes out that Sonia was still at the party, and it was Angéle who was not enjoying herself.  She admits to her father that she spent the whole night hiding in the bathroom, and lied on account of pride.

Angéle's father is furious.  What caused my discomfort was root of his frustration.  Naturally, I felt he should be upset that she lied, but as he chastises her, it seems he is more upset that she did not act as "easy-going" as he thought she should have.  There are several comments said by Angéle that reveal her own poor self-image, and those by her father which hint at the root of her insecurities.  Angéle tells her father she hid because she is not popular, or attractive.  He attempts to assure her she is beautiful, but poisons the comment by calling her a moron for thinking the opposite.  Then he further injures her by comparing her with her more-popular friend, Sonia.

The scene ends as he pulled up to their house, his eyes full of tears ( of regret? frustration? anger?).  He told Angéle he must punish her for lying.  She sat in her chair, her arms crossed over her chest in a self-depricating posture.  He tells her that her punishment is to "Be you.  To live with yourself."  More damaging words could not have been spoken to a child.  When Angéle got out of the car and her father drove on to cool off, my heart was so heavy.  I know way too many girls that have people cut them apart with simple words like that, sometimes totally by accident.  I wanted to go up to him and tell him exactly what his daughter was feeling.

As the man drove at the end of the scene, I started to think about what kind of life he must have lead to bring him to a place of such damaging emotional immaturity.  So many adults end up hurting their children because of hurts they experienced in their own childhood.  Even as the scene transitions into a limousine segment, he continues to show his frustration and emotional state form the "Angéle & Papa" scene.  In the next scene all of us, the viewer, the man, the film, are allowed a time to work out our frustrations as the accordion scene begins, and music fills our ears.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Forrest Bess's "Premonition" as a Swf!

Have fun interacting with this Forrest Bess painting I turned animated .swf

Original Forrest Bess painting:

Premonition, 1947

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Anatomy Of A .Swf

Bellow is my idea for a swf using a Forrest Bess painting as a starting point.
Click to view true size

Sunday, March 9, 2014


Today I spent an hour exploring  I read a couple articles, and went on a couple rabbit trails.  Here's one article and trail I found interesting:

I'm not really a Shia LaBeouf fan, I'm pretty dis-interested in his career.  However, I was interested to know more about why and how he was involved in performance art, it seemed pretty random.

I was interested to know more about "the piece," so I searched google with "I'm not famous anymore Shia Labeouf."  This is what I found:

I learned the piece is actually titled #IAMSORRY.  I wasn't surprised to read that others felt his performance piece was shockingly similar to Marina Abromovic's "The Artist Is In," that was the first thing that popped into my head when I read about #IAMSORRY.

I, however, was surprised to read that he has been accused of plagiarism before, so I looked that up:

All-in-all it was a very interesting exploration.  I did not expect to post about Shia LaBeouf, but it was a fun adventure.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

24 Project "Mobile Distraction": Reflection

Mobile Distraction
Date of Project: 2/27/14 9AM- 2/28/14 9AM


                When I began this project my goal was clear: document every time I used my phone.  The purpose of my experiment was to learn how dependent of my phone I really am.  I expected to use it often to check the time, and to listen to music when I painted, but I was curious to discover how often I idled away my day on facebook and other social media apps.  Honestly, I was surprised it was so little.  Even though I did not document how long I stayed on each app, I was much more (and painfully) aware of how long it had been since I last changed to (and screen-captured) a new app.
                The day I chose was a Thursday, I decided to start at 9am because that's usually when I try to wake up.  I have a 12:30-4:20pm class that day this semester.  You'll be interested to see I shamefully went on my phone a couple times during that period.  In general it was not a bother to document my day, although I was worried I would be forced to capture an embarrassing text or song choice.  I felt a little anxiety about what people would think when they viewed the documentation of my day.  Ultimately, I feel my project has revealed to me my own vices in regard to my phone, and even now (a few days later), I am much more aware of how often I, and the people around me, use our little mobile distraction.

Gutai: Splendid Playground

               After visiting the Guggenheim website's page on the Gutai exhibition, I came upon this piece by Sadamasa Motonaga called Work.  I think it's beautiful.  The caption explained that he was inspired by children's artwork and how they see the world in a pure and simplified way.  I thought the way he handled color and how he filled the picture plane were equally beautiful and unique.

Work, 1955
by Sadamasa Motonaga

                     "Throughout their careers, many Gutai artists, including Motonaga, were deeply involved in teaching and writing about children’s art. With their irreverent attitudes towards social and artistic conventions, children shaped Gutai’s ideas about art as a means to arrive at original ways of seeing the everyday. This series of works evoking landscapes and composed of elemental forms and colors was inspired by Motonaga’s work with children." -

               I also enjoyed Gutai Card Box (Gutai Art Association, 1962).  I thought it was a beautiful way to expose how society is so used to things being automated.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

24 Project "Mobile Distraction": Rules

Mobile Distraction
2/27/14 9AM- 2/28/14 9AM

            I am a millennial.  And like all good millennial babies, I am tethered to my phone.  It does not leave my person, and I am at it's every beck and call.  It is my constant entertainer, social avoider, and memory collector.  I am not proud of being a product of this modern age, but I can't blame it for how I choose to occupy my day.  In this project, I will be documenting how often I use my phone over a 24 hour period.  The apps I choose to use throughout my day, and at what times I choose to use them will, no doubt, reveal my own habits in a not-so-flatter, stereotypical 20-something, "kid's these days" sort of way. 

            Over a 24 hour period I will be screen-capturing every time I open an app or check the time on my iphone.  This includes, but is not limited to: Responding to a text messages, browsing Facebook or Pinterest, answering a call, etc.  I will not seek to use my phone more than often, nor will I avoid it.  I will not hide any of my phone activities, each initial activation of an app will be recorded.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Sound Walk: Chance Meeting

"A Chance Meeting"
Written, recorded, and voice acting by Rachel Lee.

This sound walk is to take place in the east wing of the Visual Arts building at Purchase College.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Thoughts on Yoko Ono's "One"

Yoko Ono – One (1995)

            It’s amazing what slow-motion can do to transform and ordinary object into something fascinating.  When the video began, it took me a while to understand what I was looking at.  Once I realized it was a match, and watched it be lit, it blew me away how violent that little bit of fire was.  First it seemed like all it’s energy was on shooting flames out the end of the match, but after a while it transformed into a sort of blob-like entity that turned on the match itself.  It looked like it was eating the match, grabbing at it with liquid arms.  It felt like ages before the fire settled into a little flame.  When the flame was blown out, I was almost disappointed I didn’t get to see what it looked like to let it burn all the way.

Friday, January 31, 2014

Week 1 Homework: Stop-Motion Short Ideas

Ideas for a stop-motion short:
  1. When She Says Goodnight,  The whimsical world of the childhood stuffed animals of a married woman.  When she sleeps, her animals awake to discover she is grown, and shares her bed with her husband instead of them.  They get jealous and try to separate them without waking them.  Thoughtful & Funny.  Setting: My Bedroom
  2. Good Morning, A day in the life of my desk.  I eat, draw, do homework, and do everything on my desk.  Throughout the day, I document my objects as they scurry across my desk like they were alive.  Setting: my desk from birds-eye or side view
  3. A Leisurely Stroll,  My posable drawing mannequin goes on a walk.  Lighthearted & Funny.  Mannequin and various objects around my house will be used as props.  Setting: Blank backdrop
  4. Art Battle,  Pencil and pen go to war to see who is the greatest medium.  Props will include pens, pencils, paints, paper, kneaded erasers.  Clever & Exciting.  Setting: From above, my desk
  5. Home Alone,  My experience last semester of my first few months being a newly married housewife with no kids, no work, and no school... Not as fun as it sounds!  Will show all the fun, productivity, sloth, and boredom that comes along with that.  Funny & Clever (and maybe sad :b).  Setting: My apartment
  6. Wire on Wire,  A mix of organic and metallic.  A wire being is birthed from the earth like a sapling, and discovers the natural world around him.  Clever & Surreal.  Setting:  Outside, close shots, small scale
  7. She is Beauty,  A little claymation man falls in love with a candlestick (or some other object).  His beloved is not alive, or responsive, despite his ardent affections.  Cute & Sweet (maybe sad).  Setting: Dining table, close up
  8. A Life of It's Own,  Braids in hair compile themselves in different designs.  Various objects are placed in hair to accessories (flowers, etc.).  Setting: Black background, close-up of back of head/lower back of model
  9. All Together Now,  Time to make a cake!  All of the ingredients come to life, working with the living appliances to make a yummy dessert.  Fun & Clever.  Setting: Kitchen
  10. Ms. Poppins,  Mary Poppins style clean-up of a messy living room.  Things come to life, then go awry!  Funny. Setting: Living Room
  11. Mark This,  A morphing drawing on a whiteboard, but incorporating various objects.  Surreal & Clever.  Setting: Whiteboard
  12. Snow Day,   Very organic, snow is the focus.  Different sculptural things with snow.  Surreal & Clever.  Setting:  Outside in the snow.
  13. There's Always a Bigger Fish,  Books and bookmarks interact like fish.  Big fish eating little fish, etc.  Funny & Clever.  Setting: Above view of carpet or sheet
  14. Choices,  Deciding what to wear.  Still figure, or clothes lying on the floor.  The clothes change, the person's reaction to the ensemble (disgust, pleasure, etc.).   Setting: From above on floor, or from the front figure in front of closet door.
  15. Origami,  Paper folded origami morphing into different shapes & those shapes interacting in an interesting way.  Clever & Surreal.  Setting: Tabletop, plain backdrop
  16. Color Theory, A spinning color wheel is surrounded by objects of the selected color (example: The color wheel is turned and a yellow segment is surrounded by a rubber ducky, yellow skittle, etc.  Then when it rotates again, a new color is selected, and the objects change.  Surreal & Clever.  Setting, from above
  17. Spud, Potato on counter peels on its own, then turns into a potato stamp, then stamps on paper.  The stamps start to appear on their own, then the paper turns into origami animal, and walks away.  Setting Kitchen counter from slightly above
  18. Change, An empty jar starts filling with pennies, that turn into quarters, that turn into dollars, that turn into a scarf, that is pulled out of the jar, which is draped, then pulled back to reveal a pair of shoes.  The shoes walk away on their own.  Setting: Floor near closet
  19. What's My Purpose, A bed sheet, fresh from the laundry, tries to find his purpose in life.  He tries to be a tablecloth, curtain, etc., then finally finds a bed to call home.  Setting: My apartment building, including laundry room and stairs.
  20. Belle & The Beast,  My Pop! figures of Beauty and the Beast act out iconic scenes from the movie.  Objects around my apartment used for scenery and props.  Setting, Blank backdrop on Desk.