Friday, January 31, 2014

Week 1 Homework: Stop-Motion Short Ideas

Ideas for a stop-motion short:
  1. When She Says Goodnight,  The whimsical world of the childhood stuffed animals of a married woman.  When she sleeps, her animals awake to discover she is grown, and shares her bed with her husband instead of them.  They get jealous and try to separate them without waking them.  Thoughtful & Funny.  Setting: My Bedroom
  2. Good Morning, A day in the life of my desk.  I eat, draw, do homework, and do everything on my desk.  Throughout the day, I document my objects as they scurry across my desk like they were alive.  Setting: my desk from birds-eye or side view
  3. A Leisurely Stroll,  My posable drawing mannequin goes on a walk.  Lighthearted & Funny.  Mannequin and various objects around my house will be used as props.  Setting: Blank backdrop
  4. Art Battle,  Pencil and pen go to war to see who is the greatest medium.  Props will include pens, pencils, paints, paper, kneaded erasers.  Clever & Exciting.  Setting: From above, my desk
  5. Home Alone,  My experience last semester of my first few months being a newly married housewife with no kids, no work, and no school... Not as fun as it sounds!  Will show all the fun, productivity, sloth, and boredom that comes along with that.  Funny & Clever (and maybe sad :b).  Setting: My apartment
  6. Wire on Wire,  A mix of organic and metallic.  A wire being is birthed from the earth like a sapling, and discovers the natural world around him.  Clever & Surreal.  Setting:  Outside, close shots, small scale
  7. She is Beauty,  A little claymation man falls in love with a candlestick (or some other object).  His beloved is not alive, or responsive, despite his ardent affections.  Cute & Sweet (maybe sad).  Setting: Dining table, close up
  8. A Life of It's Own,  Braids in hair compile themselves in different designs.  Various objects are placed in hair to accessories (flowers, etc.).  Setting: Black background, close-up of back of head/lower back of model
  9. All Together Now,  Time to make a cake!  All of the ingredients come to life, working with the living appliances to make a yummy dessert.  Fun & Clever.  Setting: Kitchen
  10. Ms. Poppins,  Mary Poppins style clean-up of a messy living room.  Things come to life, then go awry!  Funny. Setting: Living Room
  11. Mark This,  A morphing drawing on a whiteboard, but incorporating various objects.  Surreal & Clever.  Setting: Whiteboard
  12. Snow Day,   Very organic, snow is the focus.  Different sculptural things with snow.  Surreal & Clever.  Setting:  Outside in the snow.
  13. There's Always a Bigger Fish,  Books and bookmarks interact like fish.  Big fish eating little fish, etc.  Funny & Clever.  Setting: Above view of carpet or sheet
  14. Choices,  Deciding what to wear.  Still figure, or clothes lying on the floor.  The clothes change, the person's reaction to the ensemble (disgust, pleasure, etc.).   Setting: From above on floor, or from the front figure in front of closet door.
  15. Origami,  Paper folded origami morphing into different shapes & those shapes interacting in an interesting way.  Clever & Surreal.  Setting: Tabletop, plain backdrop
  16. Color Theory, A spinning color wheel is surrounded by objects of the selected color (example: The color wheel is turned and a yellow segment is surrounded by a rubber ducky, yellow skittle, etc.  Then when it rotates again, a new color is selected, and the objects change.  Surreal & Clever.  Setting, from above
  17. Spud, Potato on counter peels on its own, then turns into a potato stamp, then stamps on paper.  The stamps start to appear on their own, then the paper turns into origami animal, and walks away.  Setting Kitchen counter from slightly above
  18. Change, An empty jar starts filling with pennies, that turn into quarters, that turn into dollars, that turn into a scarf, that is pulled out of the jar, which is draped, then pulled back to reveal a pair of shoes.  The shoes walk away on their own.  Setting: Floor near closet
  19. What's My Purpose, A bed sheet, fresh from the laundry, tries to find his purpose in life.  He tries to be a tablecloth, curtain, etc., then finally finds a bed to call home.  Setting: My apartment building, including laundry room and stairs.
  20. Belle & The Beast,  My Pop! figures of Beauty and the Beast act out iconic scenes from the movie.  Objects around my apartment used for scenery and props.  Setting, Blank backdrop on Desk.

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