Sunday, March 2, 2014

24 Project "Mobile Distraction": Reflection

Mobile Distraction
Date of Project: 2/27/14 9AM- 2/28/14 9AM


                When I began this project my goal was clear: document every time I used my phone.  The purpose of my experiment was to learn how dependent of my phone I really am.  I expected to use it often to check the time, and to listen to music when I painted, but I was curious to discover how often I idled away my day on facebook and other social media apps.  Honestly, I was surprised it was so little.  Even though I did not document how long I stayed on each app, I was much more (and painfully) aware of how long it had been since I last changed to (and screen-captured) a new app.
                The day I chose was a Thursday, I decided to start at 9am because that's usually when I try to wake up.  I have a 12:30-4:20pm class that day this semester.  You'll be interested to see I shamefully went on my phone a couple times during that period.  In general it was not a bother to document my day, although I was worried I would be forced to capture an embarrassing text or song choice.  I felt a little anxiety about what people would think when they viewed the documentation of my day.  Ultimately, I feel my project has revealed to me my own vices in regard to my phone, and even now (a few days later), I am much more aware of how often I, and the people around me, use our little mobile distraction.

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