Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Some highlights:

Guerilla Gardening

Guerilla Gardening is basically people coming together to garden.  They usually focus on re-using unused land - sometimes privately owned- for growing vegetables or flowers.  They are not always fueled by political reasons, but sometimes it is to protesting land rights. 

 Not An Alternative, No-Space

During the day, No-Space is a collaborative office space.  People rent a locker and space on a large table to work.  During the night, the space is used for hosting free programs for the community.  The program is run by the organization Not An Alternative.

East Bay Center for the Performing Arts

The East Bay Center for the Performing Arts is located in Richmond California is a place where the community can create original art.  They produce original music, theater, dance for the community, inspired by the community and the issues they face.  The center has 2,000 students annually.

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